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 Dianna Coffey, RN, MSN, CFRN



Why did you become a transport nurse? I wanted to make a difference early on in someone’s care and outcome. Actually my goal in nursing was to become a flight nurse.

What is it about your job that you enjoy? I enjoy knowing that I made a difference. Being a flight nurse provides you with a varied patient population requiring a diverse skill set.  


How did you become a flight nurse? I started out as an ICU/ED nurse for many years. I started on a critical care ground truck and transferred to rotor wing in 2006


What do you enjoy in your free time? Being with my family primarily, I enjoy hiking, camping and working outside.


Fun fact about you? I love a deal, especially antique finds. The fun is in walking away knowing you made a great deal.


Why did you become an ASTNA member? I became an ASTNA member when I started flying rotor wing. It keeps me informed of other programs and hot topics in HEMS.


Can you share a time when you felt especially proud to work as a flight nurse? When we started a new base from scratch, I was one of the preceptors that oriented several of the new flight crew, we are now in our 5th year and well established.


Describe the ideal partner/flight crew member. I work primarily with a flight paramedic. I consider that an ideal partner. The mix of pre-hospital and hospital experience provides the best outcome in patient care. I believe a partner /crew member has to be someone you can also enjoy being around, after all you are likely to spend at least 24 hours with them.


Do you have a patient / transport that you feel changed/impacted how you care for your patients today? Can you relay that story?

I had been a flight nurse for about 18 months; we had a flight for an accident with the outcome for survival seemed impossible. The patient’s chest was sheared off and with exposed organs. I realized with a combined effort of everyone involved (EMS & HEMS) the impossible seemed possible. The outcome was positive. I realized with a well-orchestrated effort on everyone part we can change/ impact a patient’s outcome. Team work is crucial.   

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