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ASTNA Bereavement Fund

The Bereavement Fund was established in 1999 to remember colleagues who have given their lives in the line of duty. In the event that crew members are killed in a transport crash, ASTNA generally contributes $1000 to the estate of each crew member that perished.

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Air Medical Memorial Wings

The idea for the Air Medical Memorial Wings¬© originated in January 1998 following a rise 
in air medical accidents. The wings were designed as a tribute to our colleagues who 
have died as a result of an air medical accident. The original wings were produced in 
June of 1998. 

Similar to the police and firefighters black band or strip on their badges for the loss of a 
comrade, the memorial wings are intended to show respect and honor for our air medical 
transport colleagues. The wings were designed so that it could be worn on any type of 

For over 20 years, Air Medical Memorial Wings has provided two sets of wings for each lost colleague to be given to their family members.  The service involved in the accident is contacted for assistance in obtaining additional wings prior to the memorial service, if desired. This process will continue with the transition. On behalf of the Air Medical Memorial Wings, the Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association and fellow Air Medical Transport Association, we extend our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to all of the services and their 
families that have suffered injury or loss of life.  Thank you for supporting the memorial that honors our colleagues.


The cost of the wings is $10 (since July 1, 2002) which includes normal postal delivery. A 
minimum of $1 per wing is donated to the ASTNA Bereavement Fund. Additional 
contributions may be given to other air medical transport safety and research 

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