How to Host a PATC Course
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So you want to host a PATC?

What site requirements and considerations are necessary to host a successful PATC?  The following list will help you determine if you are able to bring PATC to your location.

PATC Site Requirements:

  • Significant logistical time requirement.
  • Staffed Simulation Center for the third day of the course.
  • Access to a minimum of neonatal and pediatric task trainers as well as two neonatal and two pediatric high fidelity simulators for testing scenarios and invasive skills labs. List of task trainers is available from the ASTNA National office if desired.
  • Large Conference/education room with tables/chairs for first two days of course.
  • 2-3 small break out rooms for use with small groups throughout the first two days of the course.
  • Access to equipment necessary for invasive skills stations and testing simulations. An equipment list is available from the ASTNA National Office if desired.
  • Access and ability to arrange hotel rooms for instructors and students at reasonable rates.
  • Accessible transportation to the course site from the hotel, if necessary.
  • Available audiovisual equipment including screen, two LCD PowerPoint projectors, podium with microphone to present power point presentations. 

If the above requirements are obtainable, please contact the National Office to discuss the possibility of hosting a PATC at or 303-344-0457.


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