Code of Ethics
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The statements of the ASTNA Code of Ethics provide guidance for the transport nurse to carry out nursing responsibilities consistent with the ethical obligations of the profession.

Code 1

The Transport Nurse provides care in the transport environment with respect for dignity and rights of the patient regardless of social or economic status, national origin, race, religion, age, gender, or nature of health status.


Code 2

The Transport Nurse protects the patient's right to privacy by safeguarding information of confidential nature.


Code 3

The Transport Nurse promotes collaboration with other health professionals and public safety officers to meet the health needs of the public.


Code 4

The Transport Nurse maintains an obligation to society, by performing as an honest, professional and responsible member of the community, to uphold the integrity of nursing.


Code 5

The Transport Nurse maintains individual competence in transport nursing practice while accepting responsibility and accountability for individual nursing judgments and actions.


Code 6

The Transport Nurse strives to improve care of the patient through research and the development and implementation of evidence based standards of practice.


Code 7

The Transport Nurse works collaboratively with all involved to provide a safe transport environment to the patient and other members of the transport team.


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