Distinguished CFRN/CTRN Award
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Distinguished CFRN / CTRN Award

The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) and the Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA) would like to recognize one outstanding CFRN or CTRN that has earned and demonstrated support for the CFRN or CTRN credential.

Distinguished Award

Are you that individual or do you know an individual that has shown that support? The Distinguished CFRN/CTRN Award recognizes a CFRN or CTRN who has promoted the certification process in flight or critical care ground transport nursing. The candidate represents the certification credential either to his/her colleagues, to other disciplines, or to consumers. Examples which portray promoting the certification, include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting others in preparation for the exam (teaching review courses, loaning resources, etc.).
  • Providing media releases when a nurse is certified.
  • Publishing or contributing to a newsletter that recognizes nurses when they become certified or recertified.
  • Educating the public regarding certification through public news media (newspaper, television, etc.).
  • Promoting the importance of certification to the employer (e.g. providing copies of articles regarding certification).

Award Criteria

  • The candidate must be a Certified Flight Registered Nurse or a Certified Transport Registered Nurse that:
  • Has demonstrated motivation that encourages peers to attain certification in flight or critical care ground transport nursing.
  • Is knowledgeable regarding issues related to certification.
  • Demonstrates the ability to articulate the professional aspects of certification in flight or critical care ground transport nursing.
  • Functions as a role model by obtaining and maintaining the CFRN or CTRN credential.

CFRNs and CTRNs who are currently serving on the Board of Directors of BCEN or who are members of the Examination Construction and Review Committee are not eligible for this award.

This award is presented each year at the Critical Care Transport Medical Conference (CCTMC) in the spring.  The recipient of this award will have their airfare and one night hotel paid for by ASTNA. Their conference registration will be paid for by BCEN.


Distinguished CFRN/CTRN Award Winners
2003 Donna York Clark, RN, MS, CFRN, CCRN
2004 Judy Kettenstock
2005 Jill Johnson
2006 Rhonda Dale Reeder
2007 Cathleen Witt Vandenbraak
2008 Renee Holleran
2009 Lyle Butler
2010 Michael E. Harris RN, MSN, MEd, CCRN, CTRN
2011 Daniel C. Smith, BSN, RN, CFRN, CEN
2012 Valarie Rumbley, RN, CEN, CFRN
2013 Jeff "Odie" White
2014 Keith Velaski, CFRN
2015 Mick McCallum, RN, CFRN, CCRN, CMTE, FP-C



Kimberly Lacina, ARNP-C, MSN, CTRN, CEN, EMT-P

Bambi Pish-Derr

2018        Teresa Elder


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