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Friday, September 27, 2019   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Nikole Good
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Aurora, Colorado. The Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA) has just released an all-new training resource, Human Patient Simulation for Transport Environments. This new book combines chapters on the fundamental principles of simulation training with 42 unique simulation exercises that cover a wide variety of patient types and encounters.

The editors of Human Patient Simulation for Transport Environment bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing and leading simulations to the project. Renee Holleran, one member of the editorial team, describes simulation training as “an important component of education in the development of transport team roles, diagnostic reasoning, critical thinking skills, and clinical skills competence.”  Simulation training also improves safety, quality of care, and situational awareness.

Chapters explain the history of simulation training as well as provide detailed information on how to develop objectives, a training curriculum, and scenario templates for simulation-based training. The often difficult task of delivering effective feedback is addressed as well. Patti Corbett, another member of the editorial team, emphasizes the challenges with giving feedback during simulation training, “Finding the best method for providing feedback is essential to produce fruitful results. It can be the most difficult part of the simulation session. If done thoughtfully, usefully, and with the best intentions, it will help improve the quality of care provided to our patients.”  Practical advice and tips are given on how to manage these sometimes challenging situations.

Providing detailed simulations for easy, immediate use was a priority of the editors. According to Allen Wolfe, another member of the editorial team, “Patient safety is the primary goal for human patient simulation training.  It allows clinicians to practice critical thinking, teamwork, and procedures, hence providing the leadership value information in the education needs of the program.”  Each unique scenario is presented in a standard format, with learning objectives, a complete list of required equipment, a detailed patient history and clinical information, a timed scenario progression, and debrief topics and questions. Results of diagnostic testing, including imaging and cardiac studies, are included to add to the authenticity of the simulation scenarios.  

Human Patient Simulation for Transport Environments is available at an introductory price for a limited time of $75 for ASTNA members and $100 for nonmembers.

You can order this book from the ASTNA bookstore at



Rory Leslie says...
Posted Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Is this CAMTS approved for training/simulation?

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